Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Cheap Nail Polish Without Formaldehyde

Last December I had an allergy test to see what was flaring my eczema up. The test unfortunately didn't find the main cause of my flare ups, however it did show that my skin did not cope well with exposure to Formaldehyde.

After conducting some research, I found out that Formaldehyde was a common skin irritant and was used in the majority of nail varnishes, especially the cheaper ranges sold in drug stores.

Not only did I discover this but I also found out that this ingredient is used to embalm dead bodies and is in various household cleansers and disinfectants. Do you really want that on your nails?!

Most of the nail varnishes I could find that didn't contain this ingredient were around the £15 upwards mark, which was a bit much considering that fact I mainly used to buy £2.99 Barry M nail polishes before.

A few weeks ago I accidentally came across the LOreal Color Riche Nail Polishes which are only £4.99 and DO NOT contain formaldehyde, woooo!! Not only that, they are also available in 52 shades!!

I decided to pick up three of them to try.

I decided to purchase 404 Scarlet Vamp which is a lovely deep berry colour which is perfect for winter, 136 Flaming Elegance which is a pretty pink colour and 842 Sequin Explosion which as the name suggests is a beautiful clear nail varnish with lots of pretty sequins which is again perfect for the party season.

I am very happy with these nail varnishes and I am so happy that I have managed to find such cheap nail varnishes without formaldehyde. I finally feel girly again after having to go so long with nothing on my nails. I will be now be buying some of these lovely nail polishes every month to expand my collection. 

I have seen some lovely organic nail varnishes I want to try but as they are over £15 I won't be buying them in large quantities like I will be with the LOreal polishes.

You can buy the LOreal Color Rich Nail Polishes here for £4.99. 

Does anyone else have any good nail varnishes they would recommend that do not contain formaldehyde?

Love Lauren


  1. Great to find out about this. Thank you. Gemma xx

  2. so glad you found something that works on you and is cheap :D very pretty shades you picked up!
    merry xmas beauty x

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. I have a few of those, and I love how affordable they are! The quality is pretty good for the price, and the shade range is just fab. x


  4. gorgeous colours! so strange what can cause an allergy, i had never heard of formaldehyde before! But glad you've found some amazing polishes xx

  5. I ever try to find a nail polish without formaldehyde and the same about a nail conditioner! I realized that formaldehyde is in a nail conditioner very often so I turned to plain argan oil :D

  6. the colors are very nice :) merry christmas dear!


  7. Love it! Merry Christmas dear!

  8. Wow gorgeous colors!!

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    Kisses | Epsita

  9. Super cute! I like them. And I'm happy to hear you are pleased with them. There are SOOO many chemicals in nail polish that I've pretty much stopped using it. That, and I always chip them! I haven't tried any without formaldehyde but maybe I will have to!

    XO Bri | Brianna Sullivan

  10. I like ur blog and i follow u. Can u follow me :)

  11. That is great :) Maybe now you can do some cool nail art :P