Tuesday, 8 September 2015

My Holiday Nails - Nails 4 U review

So yesterday I decided to have my nails done ready for my holiday on Thursday.

I work in Halesowen, West Midlands so I decided to get them done on my lunch break. The nearest salon near my office is Nails 4 U which is situated near the main shopping centre in Halesowen town centre. This is a Vietnamese American Nail Salon. I popped in and luckily they said they could do my nails there and then.

I have had nail extensions on now for about 2 months and my nails underneath the extensions are now pretty long. The girl who was doing my nails suggested taking my extensions off and just giving me nail overlays instead so I could just have the length of my natural nails which was a great idea to me. She told me it would only cost me £22.

She applied acrylic to my natural nails before painting them a 'Barbie pink' colour as I wanted a bright pink colour for my holiday. Also I know a lot of people will now say, 'oh my god acrylic nails are bad for your nails etc.' but I am so heavy handed that when I have tried Gel or Shellac nails, they snap off after about a week, so acrylic seems to be the only thing that actually keeps my nails looking good for a solid 4 weeks.

Has anyone had anything other than acrylic that I could as for instead which is strong enough for me?

I love my nails and the shape they have been filed in to which is slightly pointy but not too much, so I can easily type with them on.

The only criticism I have is that the staff aren't exactly the friendliest there. Usually when you visit hair or beauty salons, you spend your whole time there chatting away with whoever is doing your hair/nails and they are usually quite chatty bubbly people. The people at Nails 4 U basically do not talk to you for the whole time you are there, they only talk when they need to ask you what shape or colour you desire. They did a good job of my nails though, so I will let them off.

Not only does having nail extensions make my hands look much more feminine, they actually stop me from causing any damage by scratching when my whole body itches from my eczema flare ups due to how blunt the nails are. If you have eczema or any other skin problems and have never tried nail extensions before, give them a go for a month and see whether it helps you. You will be surprised!

Love Lauren


  1. They look awesome! Love the colour and the form!


  2. That looks really pretty! Nice colour xx


  3. Your nails look so great! Love it :)
    xx Ama


  4. You certainly have an awesome sense of style! I am fond of Marks and Spencer, a good friend of mine worked in their corporate department and they are truly a fantastic company! Thanks for sharing :)