Friday, 21 August 2015

My Week in Devon

I have just come back from a week in Devon with my boyfriend, Callum.

We stayed in Budleigh Salterton as Callum's auntie has a holiday home there. We go every year and it is nice to just get away and relax for a few days.

We arrived there early on the Saturday evening and pretty much dumped all of our bags in the house and went straight out for an Indian meal at the Taj Mahal on the Budleigh Salterton High Street. I ordered a Chicken Korma (as usual, I am not very adventurous) but they somehow ended up giving me a Mackron Chicken instead. Luckily it was still nice, so I didn't feel the need to complain.

The food is reasonably priced and you get a very large portion too! I would definitely recommend going there!

On the Sunday we had a nice relaxing day. We visited Sidmouth, had a lovely Costa followed by a walk by the beach before an evening of watching the Pitch Perfect films. (Very rock and roll I know).

On Monday we decided to visit Exeter! We spent the day shopping. I am currently buying items for when I buy a house next year and I purchased a lovely peg bag from Cath Kidston. I never thought I would get so excited over a peg bag..... I must be getting old?!

We had lunch in Yo Sushi as it is Blue Monday's there on a Monday! A huge range of dishes for only £2.70 each.Yes please!! We practically couldn't move afterwards.

Tuesday we visited Becky Falls in Dartmoor. I would highly recommend going here if you ever visit Devon. It was around £8 per person and you have entry to view all the animals and walk through the woods. I am a huge lover of animals and the outdoors, so it was a great day out for me!

We went on a lovely nature trail walk and saw some beautiful scenery. Climbing over the boulders and through the woodlands was so therapeutic. There is a money tree in the park which has been there for many many years and the sign next to the tree states "Nobody knows the exact origin of the Money Tree, but local legend has it that many years ago, this path was the main route from the Moor to Bovey Tracey. It is said that a huge serpent lived in the brook and ate the occasional unsuspecting traveller. In order to ensure safe passage, the pixies would apply an invisibility charm to any traveller, so long as they paid a small toll by placing a coin in the tree. This ensured safe passage. However, if you take a coin from the tree you will incur the wrath of the pixies."

We made the mistake of having one of the biggest pasties from the cafe in Becky Falls I have ever seen just before our walk. How I managed to walk around the woodland after eating that, I do not know!

Wednesday we visited Brixham. I LOVE Brixham. It is such a lovely seaside town! I had a battered burger for my lunch and it was delicious! Definitely try one from one of the fish and chip shops there if you ever visit. Brixham is a small fishing seaside town in South Devon and the harbour is full of fish and chip restaurants.

Brixham is also full of people crabbing. However as Callum and I are wimps, neither of us would be able to hold a crab without panicking! Maybe next year aye?!

On Thursday the weather wasn't the greatest. It rained for the majority of the day but we managed to have a few hours of sunshine in Bicton Park Botanical Gardens. It is £8.95 per person entry and there is 63 acres of land and pretty gardens to explore.

In the afternoon we had a walk by the beach in Exmouth but due to the rain we had to cut it short and ended up popping in to a local pub and having a nice burger meal! 

Friday we visited Paignton Pier. Now this is a reminder of my childhood. I spent so many years playing on the 2p machines on the pier! Saying that, that's exactly how we spent today! I had to tear Callum away from one 2p machine as he was certain he would win the £5 note hanging over the edge of the game. £10 worth of 2ps later, the £5 note was still there! It was a great day of arcade games and deciding what to spend all our winning tickets on. We decided on a slinky and some sweets! I think we need to work on our arcade game skills so we are able to win more tickets next time!!

I had a lovely week in Devon and can't wait to go back next year! This is definitely the place I want to live when I retire one day! 

Does anyone else holiday in Devon? Where are your favourite places to visit?

Love Lauren 

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