Sunday, 29 November 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation Review

I have been waiting to try the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation from the first day I heard about it. The promise of a flawless coverage is right up my street. The higher the coverage the better for me.

I purchased the foundation in the shade '3 fair/pale'. It was a perfect match for my pale skin and I was so excited to wear it.

Did it offer the coverage it claimed? Yes it did and I was so happy and thought I had finally found my dream foundation.

However, within 10 minutes of wearing it my skin looked very dry and the foundation looked a bit 'caked on'. After 3 hours my skin was the driest it has ever been, to the extent that my skin was flaking. I have never experienced this from any foundation I have ever tried before, nothing even close to this.

At first I thought maybe I was just having a bad skin day, but all 4 times I have tried to wear it, my skin has dried out dramatically.

If your skin is oily or even normal/combination then I would recommend you buy this as the coverage is absolutely fantastic, but if your skin is dry at all, then stay away.

I am so disappointed as I was so excited about this, I guess I will be sticking to my MAC Studio Sculpt foundation.

I have spoken with Charlotte Tilbury and they have been fantastic and looked at my skin and recommended their Light Wonder Foundation which is more suited for dry skin. They have exchanged my Magic Foundation for their Light Wear one which I will review for you shortly. 

Has anyone tried the Charlotte Tilbury Magic or Light Wonder Foundations?

Love Lauren

Friday, 27 November 2015

Holly Stevens Black Friday Event

If you have been viewing my blog over the last few weeks you will have seen me review a few Holly Stevens products. If you haven’t managed to catch my reviews, have a look at what I thought of their contour palette, lipstick palette and mascara.

Out of all 3 products, I would say the mascara is my favourite as it really lengthened my usually short stubby lashes.

Holly Stevens have contacted me to let all my readers know that as it is Black Friday today, they will be holding an exclusive 30% off sale. All you need to do is use the code ‘MAD30’ at the checkout.
Have a look on their website here and have a look at what  lovely make up items you can buy.

Love Lauren

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

My Christmas List

Untitled #1

Every year since I was a little girl (well young, as I am still very little now), I have always made a Christmas List. When I was younger I would spend hours and hours circling items I wanted in the Argos catalogue.

Luckily these days, we have the internet, so the amount of items we can add to our Christmas Lists are infinite. I have browsed the internet for weeks and came up for a few items I really need in my life, that I have ever so nicely asked my family and boyfriend to buy me for Christmas.

First up is Benefit Gimme Brow. I have heard so much about this and how amazing it is meant to be. I currently use Benefit Brow Zing and I have heard a few people say to use Brow Zing and then use Gimme Brow on top. So hopefully, come Christmas Day, I will be able to let you know whether it is as magical as people claim it is. 

Then there is Urban Decay Naked 3. To be honest I don' t think I even need to justify why I need this as I am sure post people will agree that any make up lover will have this in their make up bags. 

Then there is the Gossip Girl boxset. For some reason, I only started watching this series this time last year. After the first episode I was hooked and I think I could actually say that this (along with Friends obviously) is my favourite show I have ever watched. I therefore need the boxset in my life, so I can watch it over and over again.

YSL Black Opium perfume is next on my list. I recently smelt this on a trip to Selfridges and it smelt amazing. I new it had to be my next perfume.

I have then added the Stella McCartney Stella bra to my list. Underwear is a basic human need, so why not ask for more. I saw this bra on the Outnet and it has been reduced from £96.00 to £43.20. Therefore I can’t miss out on this deal and have asked Father Christmas to be kind enough to let me have this for Christmas.
Last but not least is the MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick. Now I do have quite a fair few MAC lipsticks but I still feel the need to add more to my collection. I have seen Vegas Volt many times online and it looks absolutely gorgeous on, I can’t believe I haven’t actually purchased it yet.

What's on your Christmas List this year?

Love Lauren

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Holly Stevens Cosmetics Contour Kit

If you have read my blog before you will see I have tried a couple of Holly Stevens products before.

I have reviewed both their Volumising Mascara and their Lipstick Palette for brunettes before which you can review here and here

As I have mentioned previously, Holly Stevens Cosmetics is owned by Steven Hutchinson who aims to provide high quality designer make up without the designer price tag whilst attempting to challenge the beauty and fashion industry to prove that natural beauty is more attractive. Have a read of the inspiring story behind Holly Stevens Cosmetics here

Now let's get on to what I am here to review today, the Holly Stevens Pro Contouring Palette.

The palette claims to help you contour like a pro. It contains all the bronzer, contour and highlighter you need in one palette.

It contains three highlighting shades, two contouring shades and a bronzing shade. It also comes with a handy little instruction card which shows you where to apply each product.

I love this palette. I think it is so simple to use and the instruction card on where to apply each product really helped me. Personally I preferred the third highlighting shade as it was the most shimmery and I liked the first contouring shade as I am very pale and it was the perfect colour for me. I'm sure I will use the other shades when I get a tan in the Spring/Summer.

Since receiving this, it is a make up staple of mine and I use it most weekends now (I am way too lazy to contour and highlight for work in the week). The photos below unfortunately do not pick up the highlighting as good as I had hoped, but I can assure you it highlights perfectly.

If you wish to buy the palette yourself, it is £25.99 and you can buy it here.

Has anyone else used this contour kit before? What do you use to contour?

Love Lauren

Friday, 20 November 2015

Collection Lasting Perfection Foundation Review

At the start of last week I realised I was running very low on my MAC Studio Sculpt foundation. After hearing so much online about the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation, I decided that is the foundation I need to purchase next.

I have only ever really stuck to my MAC Sculpt foundation over the last 10 years, so I don’t have a large collection of foundations at all.

I can't get to a Selfridges until next week, so I decided to try a drugstore foundation to keep me going for the next week. As I have recently heard quite a bit about Collection make up and have never tried any of their range I thought I would give one of their foundations a go.

After debating for a while, I decided to purchase Collection Lasting Perfection  Ultimate Wear Foundation in the ivory shade 2 for only £5.99 from my local Boots store.




I have been using it now for a few days and thought I would share my views on the foundation for you.

The foundation claims to prime, conceal, cover, smooth, protect and mattify, therefore providing a flawless coverage with an innovative skin lock technology. 

I like the packaging of the product. It is a simple design with a pump which I love as I find if foundations come without a pump, applying the foundation can be a little messy.  

You only require a small amount of the product to cover your face and it comes out very smooth. I found I did need to blend it more than I normally would with foundations and you do have to blend pretty fast and the foundation sets very quickly. 

The coverage of the foundation is pretty good, it hid my red skin perfectly due to the yellow tone of the the ivory 2 shade. I could imagine it would be perfect for hiding spots too. 



The only problem I found is that if my skin was a little de-hydrated that day, the foundation did dry my skin out slightly and gave me a little caked on look. If your skin isn't dry, I wouldn't see this being a problem though.

Did it last 16 hours? Unfortunately it didn't. Well to be honest, I don't think I actually wore the foundation for more than 12-13 hours but I found that after around 5-6 hours I needed a top up. 

I also love the fact that the foundation has SPF20 in it. I believe all foundations should have this as you can not protect your skin from sun damage enough. 

All in all I did like this foundation. I admit it isn't as good as some of the high end foundations I have tried, but for wear just to go to the shops or lunch for a couple of hours, it is the perfect drugstore foundation.

I have however heard lots of good feedback about the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer which I need to try. Unfortunately they were out of stock in the colour fair shade 1 every time I have been to my local drugstore but I will buy it as soon as I can and let you know my opinion on this too.

Has anyone else tried this foundation before? Are there any other good drugstore foundations you would recommend?

Love Lauren

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

My Lovely New Zara Boots

I never used to be interested in boots at all. I have always been more interested in various types of stilettos.

For some reason, last winter I started to find my love for boots and seemed to spend the whole of Autumn and Winter in boots.

I was recently browsing the Zara website and came across a few pairs of boots for £29.99. That's right, a mere £29.99. I found one of pair of boots I was in love with and had to buy them immediately as for that price, I couldn't miss out right?!

I purchased the Combined Ankle Boots in black. As you can see, they are the perfect boots to wear walking around shopping  all day and are so comfortable.

The only criticism I can say though is how poor Zara's customer service is.

Now I won't go in to detail about this but all I will say is that I won't be having anything delivered to the Zara Birmingham Bullring store again.

Anyway, I love the clothing in Zara and I am not letting this bad experience stop me buying things from there. So here you go, here are the other few £29.99 boots I have come across on their website which are on my wishlist. You can never have too many boots, right?!

Love Lauren

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Holly Stevens Mascara

As I have mentioned over and over, I am constantly on the hunt to find myself the 'perfect' mascara. I want a mascara that lengthens my lashes enough so I don't have to wear false eyelashes.

I have recently been sent a new mascara from Holly Stevens Cosmetics. You may have read my review on their lip palette here.

As I mentioned before Holly Stevens Cosmetics is owned by Steven Hutchinson who aims to provide high quality designer make up without the designer price tag whilst attempting to challenge the beauty and fashion industry to prove that natural beauty is more attractive. Have a read of the inspiring story behind Holly Stevens Cosmetics here.

The Holly Stevens Intense Volumizing Mascara is only £12.99 and claims to be both volumising and curling which glides on to lift and hold lashes in place.

Do I agree with this statement? Yes I do.

As you will see from the before and after photos above, my usually short lashes are dramatically lengthened, making my eyes look so much bigger and brighter. Not only does the mascara lengthen the lashes, it also glides on without any lumps and separates my lashes perfectly. I always find most mascaras cause my lashes to clump together, so I have to separate them with an eyelash comb. I however have not had to do this with the Holly Stevens Intense Volumizing Mascara.

The mascara is also one of the few mascaras that don't make my eyelashes itch due to them being so sensitive. So if you have sensitive eyes, this is definitely the mascara for you. It is even enriched with vitamins A, C and E to nourish the lashes.

I absolutely love this mascara and am so happy to have been able to test it out. I will definitely be buying this again.

If you want to try the mascara yourself, you can buy it here.

Has anyone else tried anything from Holly Stevens Cosmetics before?

Love Lauren

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Our 2 year anniversary

So I have actually been able to put up with Callum for 2 years. Or maybe it is the other way round?! Hehe!

To celebrate our anniversary he took me out for a date day last Saturday. Our actual anniversary was yesterday 9th November but as I wasn't able to see him because of my course, he decided to surprise me and take me out on the Saturday instead.

First of all he surprised me with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

He then took me shopping around the Bullring in Birmingham, which is my idea of a perfect day out as shopping is the my favourite thing to do ever.

We then decided to try out the Selfridges Balcony Moet and Chandon Rose Champagne Bar. I have never been here before but I really loved it. I had their Retail Therapy cocktail which is Prosecco with Chambord and raspberry purée. It tasted amazing. If you ever go here, I would definitely recommend this drink.

We were a little peckish (no change there) so decided to order some nibbles. We had the Trio of Sliders which is 3 mini burgers (2 beef and one spicy chicken) and some onion rings. Again, these were amazing, especially the beef burgers.

The bar is pretty pricey (my drink alone was £10.50) but it is lovely for a special occasion.

We then spent our evening in Turtle Bay. Now if you haven't heard of Turtle Bay before it is a Caribbean restaurant and cocktail bar which plays some great old school reggae music whilst you dine.

We managed to get there just before happy hour finished at 7:00pm, meaning all cocktails are 2 for 1. So I thought we may as well treat ourselves to two cocktails each. We both had Koko Colada which is basically their version of Pina Colada. They tasted a-mazing.

For the meal I had the Trinidad Curry Chicken. This is chicken breast with mango, coconut, sweet onion chutney, rice and peas and served with flat bread.

My curry was gorgeous, the best food I have had in a very long time. The only problem I would say is how surprisingly hot it was but to be honest I am the biggest wimp ever when it comes to hot dishes. I guessed it would be hot, just not that hot. However, it was nothing that a jug of water couldn't fix. Though I am sure there aren't many people out there who are more wimpy than I am when it comes to spicy foods?!

Has anyone else been to Turtle Bay before?

All in all, I had a lovely day and I can't wait to spend many more years with Callum.

Love Lauren

p.s tomorrow is finally the last day of my advocacy course (wooooo) so I will finally be back to posting more regularly. I have so many reviews of new products to share with you, including an amazing contour kit I have started using and my opinion on a popular drug store concealer.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

My L'Occitane facial cream sample

I have been a bit quiet over the last couple of weeks with regards to posting any new posts. I have a course three days next week as part of my Trainee Solicitor course and I have so much to learn in readiness for the course, that every spare moment I get, I have to read through my 200 odd page booklet and memorise all the details of a case.

Anyway, I thought it was about time I actually posted a new post, so here we go. Today I will be talking about a sample I have received from L'Occitane.

On the L'Occitane website recently they were offering a free sample of one of their facial creams. They asked you three questions about your skin and then showed you which facial cream they would recommend for you.

Then then emailed me a voucher for a complimentary 8ml 7 day sample to print off and take to my nearest L'Occitane store.  Not only did they give you me free sample but they also give you 10% off your next purchase too.

As my skin is quite dry and my main skin concern is to keep my skin hydrated, L'Occitane recommended their Shea Light Comforting facial cream.

The cream claims to keep skin hydrated for 48 hours and protects against external aggressions to keep the skin comfortable all day long. The formula is made with 5% shea butter which is high in both omega 6 and karitene.

I have been using this now for 1-2 weeks and I can honestly say it is amazing.

The formula isn't light and creamy and only the smallest amount if required to make your face feel fresh and moisturised. 

I really love the smell of this cream. It smells very perfumed but it somehow doesn't have any sort of bad reaction with my skin which is a miracle to me. 

My skin instantly feels hydrated and radiant after application and keeps my skin hydrated for hours and has really soothed my usually sensitive red and itchy skin.

Would I purchase this cream in the full size pot? Yes I definitely would. It is £26.00 for a 50ml pot and even though this is pretty pricey for me, it is certainly worth it. I will be buying the cream this weekend.

Has anyone else tried this cream before or has any other L'Occitane skincare favourites?

Unfortunately L'Occitane are no longer providing these free samples at the moment but if you want to see what skincare is best for your skin, go to their website here for a skincare diagnosis.

Love Lauren